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Conveyor loaded dimensional measurement system for bottles (plastic & glass).

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Accommodates a range of bottle shapes and sizes.
Built for constant use in the packaging laboratory.
For all plastics, glass, and metal packaging.
Easy to Use
Load & Go operation. Touchscreen based user interface.
Simple Setup
'Real bottle' based setup routines.
System modifications to fit your space and requirements.
Enhances lab efficiency and productivity.
Data output compatible with most commercial SPC software packages.

The AVBIS-C incorporates all the measurement capabilities and simplicity of the basic AVBIS-C system into an automatic loading measurement package for blown bottles. The AVBIS-C is used for high volume measurement applications of bottles of varying sizes and finishes. The system requires only that the operator load the bottles onto the input conveyor and select the program and number of bottles to be measured. The system then measures all the bottles automatically, freeing the operator for other tasks.

The AVBIS-C shares the same proven optical package with other AVBIS series variants. The AVBIS-C can accommodate a range of bottle sizes and shapes. By adjusting the bottle loading and unloading speeds and contact points, even lightweight and unstable bottles can be handled automatically by the AVBIS-C. Quick-change parts for the loading arm can be used to load unusual shapes for the customer. The linear conveyor is available to a maximum length of 10’ (2m) to accommodate a maximum number of customer bottles (a horseshoe shaped conveyor is available for longer applications). The conveyor deck width can also be customized to accommodate larger containers.

While the AVBIS-C is designed to handle bottles automatically, the system can also be used to measure preforms when loaded manually by an operator into a vertical fixture inserted in the rotary stage. This flexibility allows bottle manufacturers to perform infrequent preform checks and qualifications on their injection molds if required.

With minor hardware and software modifications, the AVBIS-C becomes the AVBIS-G for glass bottle applications. The G variant includes scanning algorithms specific to glass bottle measurements, and handling changes for glass materials.

Dimensions Measured
Additional Media
  • Overall height

  • S

  • T (thread diameter)

  • TMax (multiple thread max diameter)

  • T Delta (“thread flash”)

  • TPD (thread pitch distance)

  • E (thread sidewall diameter)

  • H (closure clearance height)

  • HTMax (closure clearance height, maximum thread)

  • HZ (Husky method)

  • HA (H referencing tamper bead)

  • HF (H referencing custom diameter)

  • K (a.k.a. S1)

  • SU (a.k.a. S1 wall-thread intersect)

  • A (tamper bead diameter)

  • D (tamper bead height)

  • Z (neck support ring diameter)

  • X (neck support ring height)

  • F (upper ring diameter)

  • L (bead height)

  • W (bead thickness)

  • B (tamper recess diameter)

  • Ratchet

  • Total flash

  • XHeight (bottle height to NSR)

  • D-angle (locking ring angle (low-mag)

  • UI / LI

  • UI Width / LI Width

  • Body diameters

  • Neck straight

  • Lean (centerline)

  • Lean (L’Oreal metho

  • Finish inner diameter (with bore gauge option)

  • Weight (with scale option)

  • Preform Length (with preform fixture option)

  • Preform Gate Height (with preform fixture option)

  • Sealing Surface Radius (with high magnification option)

  • Tamper Bead Radius (with high magnification option)

  • Thread Radius (with high magnification option)

  • D-Angle (with high magnification option)

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