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Expanded dimensional measurement system for all bottles & preforms.

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Repeatability and reproducibility studies <10% on critical dimensions.
Bottle & preform, glass & plastic measurement capability.
Simple Setup
Visual setup tools and routines for fast new part setup.
Precise part positioning not required for accurate measurement.
Great capability in a smaller footprint package.
Easy to Use
Touchscreen based user interface. SPI-GPI-ISBT based setup.
Standard build designed for future expansion and capabilities.
Data output compatible with most commercial SPC software packages.

The AVBIS-M forms the base of AVID Corporation’s line of precision bottle / preform measurement systems. Designed to measure neck finish and body dimensions quickly, accurately, and with repeatability, the AVBIS-M is an ideal choice for quality attentive packaging manufacturers looking to improve their measurement capabilities without full automation. The small footprint and lower-cost of the AVBIS-M suits those laboratories and facilities with space and budget constraints.


Due to the large optical field of view, most neck finishes can be measured in less than two seconds per angle. A set of typical bottle measurements can be completed in thirty seconds. Because there is no automatic loading or unloading system, this short measurement time enables many users to increase throughput speed without the expense of an automated feeder. An operator is required to simply place the part to be measured onto the rotary measurement platform, and remove it following completion of the measurement routine.


Once a part is programmed, it can be called up in moments by an operator. The bottle or preform is placed near the center of the automated turntable (precise centering or orientation is generally unnecessary) and the operator presses the RUN button. The AVBIS turns to the angles of interest and measures the dimensions selected at each, or performs a precision search for specific attributes. A typical set of bottle dimensions takes approximately 30-45 seconds to measure. The operator may replace the bottle with the next in a series, or select a new part for measurement. Data is sent automatically to Excel or a remote file location, or reviewed manually by the operator before sending.

The AVBIS-M is a manually loaded system, and while measurement routines are completed faster due to the lack of an automatic feeder, the system does rely on an operator to load and unload parts in a series. The 3000 M is ideal for manufacturers new to automated measurement system and are looking to replace manual measurement tools. The AVBIS 3000M is also useful for non-production or R&D facilities and fillers looking to verify supplier quality claims, or vertically integrated processors verifying their production capabilities.

Dimensions Measured
Additional Media
  • Overall height

  • S

  • T (thread diameter)

  • TMax (multiple thread max diameter)

  • T Delta (“thread flash”)

  • TPD (thread pitch distance)

  • E (thread sidewall diameter)

  • H (closure clearance height)

  • HTMax (closure clearance height, maximum thread)

  • HZ (Husky method)

  • HA (H referencing tamper bead)

  • HF (H referencing custom diameter)

  • K (a.k.a. S1)

  • SU (a.k.a. S1 wall-thread intersect)

  • A (tamper bead diameter)

  • D (tamper bead height)

  • Z (neck support ring diameter)

  • X (neck support ring height)

  • F (upper ring diameter)

  • L (bead height)

  • W (bead thickness)

  • B (tamper recess diameter)

  • Ratchet

  • Total flash

  • XHeight (bottle height to NSR)

  • D-angle (locking ring angle (low-mag)

  • UI / LI

  • UI Width / LI Width

  • Body diameters

  • Neck straight

  • Lean (centerline)

  • Lean (L’Oreal metho

  • Finish inner diameter (with bore gauge option)

  • Weight (with scale option)

  • Preform Length (with preform fixture option)

  • Preform Gate Height (with preform fixture option)

  • Sealing Surface Radius (with high magnification option)

  • Tamper Bead Radius (with high magnification option)

  • Thread Radius (with high magnification option)

  • D-Angle (with high magnification option)

  • Preform Thickness (Min, max, avg, and delta) (with THIKCHEK option)

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