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Auto-loading precision dimensional measurement system for preforms.


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Purpose Built
Designed for high-volume preform makers with frequent tool changes.
Accommodates a wide range of preform sizes.
Wide range of available options including thickness.
Easy Changeover
Simple part changes. Preform changeover time <2 minutes.
Simple to Use
'Load & go.' Autonomous handling for 144+ preforms.
Full mold round qualifications results in hours, not days.
Standard for leading preform manufacturers and toolmakers.
Data output compatible with most commercial SPC software packages.

The AVBIS 3000P is a completely automated measurement package for bottle preforms. The 3000P incorporates the capabilities and simplicity of the basic AVBIS system into an automated preform measurement tool. The 3000P is used in measurement applications for large volumes of preforms to establish regular data trends, to check production after mold change-outs and/or qualify new molds. Full mold rounds of preforms can be loaded in a tray. The “pick-and-place” auto-feeder selects a preform from the tray for measurement then returns the preform after measurements are completed.


The 3000P shares the same proven optical package with other AVBIS series variants. The pick-and-place feeder configuration allows up to 192 preforms (larger lot sizes possible) to be automatically handled by the system. Varying tray hole sizes allow for preforms of various finish types and sizes to be accommodated.

Part setup of the 3000P is similar to other AVBIS series systems. Automation setup for individual preform types is simple, requiring only that the operator set the loading positions with the touchscreen motion control setup tools. Precise orientation on the rotary table is eliminated as the system automatically searches for the part centerline and finishes.

Despite the complex appearance, the AVBIS 3000P is designed for use by untrained users. An operator loads the preforms into the grid array. Different sized trays can be used to accommodate preforms of varying diameters or varying cavity size. Once loaded, the operator selects the preform program from a touchscreen list, and indicates the number of preforms to be run. The operator can also indicate any blocked-off or unused cavities in the mold that should not be tested.


The 3000P is designed for high volume preform manufacturers with rigorous quality and measurement requirements. Because of its speed and repeatability/reproducibility, the AVBIS 3000P is ideal for those manufacturers seeking to reduce downtime during line start-ups and new mold qualifications, or to satisfy CPK/PPK requirements. The consistent measurement technique of the 3000P also allows operators to monitor, adjust and control production processes when data is sent to SPC software.

Dimensions Measured
  • Overall height

  • S

  • T (thread diameter)

  • TMax (multiple thread max diameter)

  • T Delta (“thread flash”)

  • TPD (thread pitch distance)

  • E (thread sidewall diameter)

  • H (closure clearance height)

  • HTMax (closure clearance height, maximum thread)

  • HZ (Husky method)

  • HA (H referencing tamper bead)

  • HF (H referencing custom diameter)

  • K (a.k.a. S1)

  • SU (a.k.a. S1 wall-thread intersect)

  • A (tamper bead diameter)

  • D (tamper bead height)

  • Z (neck support ring diameter)

  • X (neck support ring height)

  • F (upper ring diameter)

  • L (bead height)

  • W (bead thickness)

  • B (tamper recess diameter)

  • Ratchet

  • Total flash

  • XHeight (bottle height to NSR)

  • D-angle (locking ring angle (low-mag)

  • UI / LI

  • UI Width / LI Width

  • Body diameters

  • Finish inner diameter (with bore gauge option)

  • Weight (with scale option)

  • Preform Length

  • Preform Gate Height

  • Preform Thickness (Min, max, avg, and delta) (with THIKCHEK option)

  • Sealing Surface Radius (with high magnification option)

  • Tamper Bead Radius (with high magnification option)

  • Thread Radius (with high magnification option)

  • D-Angle (with high magnification option)

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