COVID-19 Statement (Updated 11 January 2021)

Mitigating COVID-19 transmission and exposure remains a critical element to AVID Corporation's safety strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic.


While AVID management recognizes the needs of our customers, the health and safety of AVID and customer employees must remain our first priority. Customers should continue to anticipate and accommodate safety related schedule changes and/or delays in regards to deliveries and services while the COVID-19 pandemic remains a reality.


CDC Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has assembled a comprehensive guidance package for businesses to safely operate during the COVID-19 pandemic (see https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/guidance-business-response.html). AVID requires that our customers observe these guidelines regarding workplace safety. Services and deliveries to AVID customers that do not comply and rigorously enforce CDC recommended operating guidelines regarding COVID-19 will be postponed indefinitely.


Supplemental AVID Guidelines

To supplement any existing CDC, federal/state/municipal agency, or customer guidelines, AVID has updated the following safety protocols and requirements all AVID and customer personnel are expected to follow.


Section I. Safety Protocols - EXTERNAL

Part A) Travel during the pandemic is discouraged by the CDC. All non-essential services will be postponed (ex., in-person meetings, in-plant demonstrations, in-person sales related visits, etc.). AVID recommends that regular non-urgent services such as system calibrations be postponed if possible, or conducted remotely if there are no known system issues.


Part B) International travel remains prohibited at this time. AVID management does not expect international travel to resume until June 2021 at the earliest.**


Part C) New service restrictions and requirements have been implemented, and are as follows:


  • Customer management must process a safety questionnaire indicating their plant's compliance with several CDC COVID safety guidelines while the AVID technician is onsite.

  • Customer must confirm that AVID technician is exempt from any mandated quarantine requirement (OR provide any required quarantine exemption documentation) and may enter the plant regardless of their travel history and origin.

  • Customer staff will be isolated from AVID technicians, except for those personnel who will work with the AVID technician, be their contact for the entirety of the service, and/or be trained.
  • Customer personnel must observe all CDC guidelines and be temperature screened at plant entry each day before working with AVID technician. Facemasks and full-face shields must be worn by the AVID technician and customer personnel during long-term interactions (such as training).

  • Customer personnel not working directly in the lab must be properly masked and observe distance from AVID tech.  

  • Any known ‘system issue’ MUST be identified and put in writing prior to AVID technician arrival.



AVID Corporation reserves the right to postpone, cancel, or re-quote services in any state for COVID safety related reasons. Due to the often politicized, inaccurate, or misleading nature of positivity reporting, AVID will not consider testing positivity information for specific counties or municipalities.**

Failure to comply with any of the above COVID safety policies or the AVID Safety Questionnaire at the time of the service or delivery will result in a COVID-19 safety violation report. The service/delivery will be terminated -- regardless of progress or previous agreement -- and the customer will be responsible for payment for travel and service costs incurred, plus a $5,000.00 safety rescheduling fee.

Part D) Travel via airplane is strongly discouraged by AVID’s medical advisors. Most customer services are being scheduled on a regional basis in order to maximize AVID personnel effectiveness while traveling in a given region by alternative means. Customers should make efforts to accommodate scheduling modifications for services if the technician’s travel routing make it advantageous.


​Part E) AVID technicians will take all precautions required to mitigate infection/transmission as recommended by the CDC / WHO. For more information see https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/travel-in-the-us.html


​Part F) Customers will share their COVID-19 mitigation policy documentation, restrictions, or plant-specific visitor health questionnaires at least 2 weeks prior to any scheduled service (and update AVID of any changes to their policies/screening). AVID technicians will comply with non-invasive customer screening procedures, and will answer all health screening questionnaires. AVID technicians will comply with customer facility COVID-19 mitigation programs, provided these programs do not prevent technicians from completing required services in an efficient and safe manner.


Section II. At-AVID Screening, PPE, and Protocols

Part A) AVID employees and any permitted visitors are required to follow all required guidelines for maintaining social distancing and wearing PPE while at AVID.


Part B) A daily health screen procedure has been established for all employees entering AVID offices, including a daily temperature and health log.

Part C) All AVID employees are required to be COVID tested every two weeks, and their results provided to AVID management. AVID employees that travel outside of the New Hampshire/Maine/Massachusetts/Vermont area are required to be COVID tested upon their return from travel, and must quarantine until a negative test result is received.

Part D) Employees are encouraged to self-quarantine and contact their primary care physician if they experience any of the symptoms of COVID-19, or are concerned that they have been exposed. Employees exhibiting any symptoms or diagnosed with COVID-19 are required to stay at home and inform AVID management of their symptoms/diagnosis.


Part E) In order to maintain social distancing within the AVID offices, physical work ‘pods’ have been established for all employees so they can work comfortably and safely in a dedicated workspace.


Part F) All employees are required to wear proper face coverings (face-masks that fully cover the nose and mouth) at all times.


Part G) Employees are encouraged to wash their hands frequently throughout the day. Hand-sanitizer stations are setup throughout the office.


Part H) High-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas are sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down daily.


Part I) No visitors, customers, vendors, contractors, or guests are permitted entry to AVID Corporation offices without clearance from AVID management and a health screening. Cleared visitors are expected to limit their movements to a defined area, complete their work as quickly as possible, and interact with as few AVID employees as possible.


Part J) All training classes typically held at AVID Corporation have been canceled until further notice.



These policies will be reviewed on a regular basis (updates will be posted here). If you have questions or concerns about AVID’s mitigation and prevention strategy, please contact AVID directly.


We thank our customers for their understanding and support during this challenging time. Stay safe.

** To avoid confusion, politicization, or misinformation, AVID will monitor positivity reporting exclusively from the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center. To determine the testing positivity rate of a particular state, please visit: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/testing-positivity

** AVID shall not be held liable for lost profits or other consequential, special, general, incidental, indirect, exemplary, or punitive damages as a result of postponing, delaying, canceling, or re-quoting services due to increased COVID cases.

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