Automated Multi-Station Multi-Attribute Bottle Testing System


AVID is pleased to introduce the AVBIS-MULTI in 2020!

The MULTI is a multi-station testing platform designed to measure all critical attributes of the bottle: neck finish dimensions, body dimensions, wall-thickness, weight, and volume. The system combines the proven technologies of AVID Corporation’s AVBIS 3000, ABTIS 1000, and/or AVMS 2000 standalone systems into a single powerful bottle measurement test platform.

Similar to the AVBIS 3000C, bottles are loaded onto the indexing conveyor for ‘load & go’ operation. Critical bottle neck finish dimensions and body dimensions are first measured precisely by the vision platform (AVBIS) within the system.

When the AVBIS routines are complete, the bottle is moved into the wall-thickness (ABTIS) module of the MULTI system, and the next bottle on the conveyor is moved to the AVBIS platform.

PET and PP bottles’ wall-thickness data can be captured in either a vertical profile or circumferential scan. Data can be presented as either a simple min/max/average of the entire bottle, or a point-thickness ‘cloud.’

Following the wall-thickness measurement routine, the bottle is moved to the capacity testing (AVMS) module within the MULTI system. The empty bottle weight is measured, and the bottle is then filled with water for fill-height/fill-point volume measurement. If required, a brim-fill/overflow volume measurement is also measured.

The filled-bottle is then moved to an evacuation station where the water is removed from the bottle. Once emptied the bottle is ejected from the system into a collection bin.

The AVBIS 3000 MULTI is an excellent choice for those manufactures looking to streamline their bottle testing. The system can be customized further with or without particular options and modules.

Due to the unique handling system within this particular system, AVBIS MULTI is limited to bottles <300mm in height and <150mm in diameter. Bottles must have a symmetrical geometry (cylindrical or rectangular) and centered neck finish.

Contact AVID for further information and to determine if the MULTI is applicable to your facility.

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