Basic dimensional measurement system for bottles & preforms.

Repeatability and reproducibility studies <10% on critical dimensions.
Bottle & preform, glass & plastic measurement capability.
Deploy where needed. Laboratory conditions not required.
Easy to Use
Simple fast preform & bottle measurement. A "quick check."
1 required day for typical admin level training.
Image by Pepi Stojanovski
Great benefits in a lower cost package than automated systems.
Cycle time measured in seconds.
CSV output file compatible with most commercial SPC software packages.

QUIKCHEK is AVID Corporation’s ‘entry-level’ precision measurement platform for bottles and preforms. The uncomplicated design of the QUIKCHEK is ideal for manufacturers seeking a low-cost limited measurement system for bottles or preforms. The lower cost of QUIKCHEK also makes the system attractive to those smaller facilities looking to enhance their measurement capabilities, but do not require the automation of the AVBIS 3000 series.

During the installation, change-out or maintenance of a mold, technicians must take “first-articles” to the QA lab for basic measurement checks. While laboratory qualifications are necessary for final approval, deploying QUIKCHEK to the production area enhances efficiency for the production team and reduces downtime on the production equipment.


The large optical field of view of QUIKCHEK allows most neck finishes (and in some cases, entire bottles) to be measured without horizontal motion control (maximum diameter measurement: 90mm). Parts are handled automatically via a servo controlled rotary stage for precision searches and automatic measurement routines. This load-and-go operation is perfect for those facilities with limited staff.


QUIKCHEK borrows the setup features from the AVBIS system that makes new part setup so easy.


As a supplemental device, part setup files from AVBIS 3000 systems can be directly transferred to the QUIKCHEK, a useful capability in larger facilities possessing both systems.

​QUIKCHEK feedback has been positive:

"If my production line must wait two hours for the lab to get to my parts, that’s two hours of production I lose. By having QUIKCHEK on the floor, I can get the data I need to start production confidently.” – Silgan Plastics

“With other jobs in queue, it can sometimes take two hours for the QA lab to be able to measure start-up samples. [With QUIKCHEK], setup doesn’t have to wait for the QA lab to tell them which data is good and bad. [They] are able to measure at changeover, see that the data is okay, and go into production sure that the bottles are good. QUIKCHEK has made life a lot easier.” – Amcor Rigid Plastics


  • Smart servo controlled vertical and rotational axes.

  • AVBIS interface; no training required for facilities with AVBIS 3000 series.

  • Complete program compatibility with AVBIS, AVBIS codes can be transferred to QUIKCHEK and used immediately.

  • With optional verification objects, third party calibration not required.

  • Optional weight scale and THIKCHEK options for preform specific operations. “MiniLab”

Dimensions Measured
  • Overall height

  • S

  • T (thread diameter)

  • TMax (multiple thread max diameter)

  • T Delta (“thread flash”)

  • TPD (thread pitch distance)

  • E (thread sidewall diameter)

  • H (closure clearance height)

  • HTMax (closure clearance height, maximum thread)

  • HZ (Husky method)

  • HA (H referencing tamper bead)

  • HF (H referencing custom diameter)

  • K (a.k.a. S1)

  • SU (a.k.a. S1 wall-thread intersect)

  • A (tamper bead diameter)

  • D (tamper bead height)

  • Z (neck support ring diameter)

  • X (neck support ring height)

  • F (upper ring diameter)

  • L (bead height)

  • W (bead thickness)

  • B (tamper recess diameter)

  • Ratchet

  • Total flash

  • XHeight (bottle height to NSR)

  • D-angle (locking ring angle (low-mag)

  • UI / LI

  • UI Width / LI Width

  • Body diameters (if less than optical field of view)

  • Neck straight

  • Weight (with scale option)

  • Preform Length (with preform fixture option)

  • Preform Gate Height (with preform fixture option)

  • Preform Thickness (Min, max, avg, and delta) (with U-TES-P option)

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