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Small packaging automated dimensional measurement system.


The AVBIS-Pharma series system combines the simplicity and features of the standard AVBIS series, and applies them in a specialized system designed specifically to suit the needs of manufacturers producing very small bottles and vials.

The system automatically handles and measures sample runs of small lightweight bottles and containers common in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Data produced from these measurements can be used for general quality department purposes, and/or for line process control and improvement.


Depending upon customer requirements, camera resolution can be significantly increased on the AVBIS-Pharma series, enhancing magnification of the neck finish on various bottles, thereby achieving even greater accuracy and repeatability than the standard AVBIS system.


Setup of the AVBIS-3000Pharma is similar to other AVBIS series systems. Automation setup for individual bottle types is greatly simplified. With the bottle on the conveyor, the programmer simply cycles through default loading positions, adjusting where necessary.


The AVBIS-3000Pharma is simple to operate. The user loads the bottles onto the conveyor, selects the bottle program from a library, and indicates the number of bottles to be run.

For 2023, AVID is pleased to introduce the AVBIS-4Pharma variant. Using the proven cartesian-based high-speed feeder of the AVBIS-4P preform system, the AVBIS-4Pharma includes additional testing modules.


The AVBIS-Pharma is specifically designed for small bottle and vial manufacturers with rigorous quality and measurement requirements. The consistent measurement technique of the AVBIS-Pharma also allows operators to monitor, adjust and control production processes when data is sent to SPC software.

Enhances lab efficiency and productivity.
Outstanding accuracy and precision.
Easy to Use
Load & Go operation.
Image by National Cancer Institute
Purpose Built
Designed specifically for small packaging, vials, and ampoules.




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