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Conveyor loaded bottle dimensional measurement system.

AVBIS-C Automated Bottle Measurement System


The AVBIS-C incorporates the measurement capabilities and simple operation of AVBIS-M into an auto-loading platform blown bottles.


System operation is simple: the user loads the bottles onto the conveyor, selects the program for the bottle loaded, and indicates the number to be measured. The system automatically handles, measures, ejects, and provides data for all the bottles, freeing the user for other tasks.



  • Flexible; standard system accommodates a wide range of bottle sizes and geometries.

  • Fully automated; 'load-and-go' operation enhances lab productivity.
  • Robust construction designed for constant use.
  • Precision; <10% gauge repeatability study performed on each AVBIS-C.
  • Preform capable (manual-load).

By adjusting the bottle loading and unloading speeds and contact points, even lightweight and unstable bottles can be handled automatically by the AVBIS-C. Quick-change parts for the loading arm can be used to load unusual shapes for the customer.

The AVBIS-C can also be used to measure preforms (if loaded manually). This additional flexibility allows bottle manufacturers to perform infrequent preform checks and qualifications.

With minor modifications, the AVBIS-C can be utilized in glass bottle applications (AVBIS-G). 

Dimensions Measured

All SPI-ISBT-GPI standard bottle/preform dimensions, including (but not limited to):

  • Overall height

  • S

  • T (thread diameter)

  • TMax (multiple thread max diameter)

  • TDelta (“thread flash”)

  • TPD (thread pitch distance)

  • E (thread sidewall diameter)

  • HrefT (closure clearance height, referencing thread)

  • HrefTMax (closure clearance height, referencing maximum thread)

  • HrefZ (closure clearance height, Husky method)

  • HrefA (closure clearance height, referencing tamper bead)

  • HrefF (closure clearance height, referencing custom diameter)

  • K (a.k.a. S1)

  • SU (a.k.a. S1 wall-thread intersect)

  • A (tamper bead diameter)

  • D (tamper bead height)

  • Z (neck support ring diameter)

  • X (neck support ring height)

  • F (upper ring diameter)

  • L (bead height)

  • W (bead thickness)

  • B (tamper recess diameter)

  • Total flash

  • XHeight (bottle height to NSR)

  • Intersect Height (UI/LI)

  • Intersect Diameter (UI/LI Width)

  • Body/panel diameter

  • Neck Straight

  • Weight (w/ scale option)

  • Lean (centerline)

  • Lean (L’Oreal method)

  • Finish inner diameter / ID (w/ bore gauge option)

  • Sealing Surface Radius (w/ hi-mag option)

  • Tamper Bead Radius (w/ hi-mag option)

  • Thread Radius (w/ hi-mag option)

  • D-Angle (w/ hi-mag option)




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