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Online Bottle Thickness Measurement System

AVID Corporation recognizes and understands the challenges of measurement and inspection in the factory floor and online environment.

Our consultants and engineers were surprised by the level of dissatisfaction amongst our clients with most available online monitoring, measurement and inspection systems. Criticisms were particularly notable on lower-speed (<30,000pph) production lines and facilities where production and mold changes were routine.

AVID surveyed those high-profile PET packaging manufacturers using both AVID’s laboratory equipment and employing online equipment, and allowed the customers to assist in determining the scope of the OTMS. These customers requested that:


  • OTMS need only monitor a few points in order to detect a process change in molding.

  • OTMS be located outside and downstream from the blow-molding apparatus, allowing production to continue during system setup, maintenance or adjustment, thereby improving line productivity, especially on production lines with frequent product change.

  • OTMS be product flexible and mobile, not dedicated to one particular line, environment or packaging product.

  • OTMS be simple for plant personnel to install, redeploy, and use with basic tools and instructions, without vendor assistance.

  • OTMS software be easy-to-use, and packaging profiles be easy to create and recall when needed.

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