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ITES Series

Automated Bottle

Wall-Thickness Measurement Systems


Simple. Accurate. AVID.

ITES is an offline bottle wall-thickness measurement system suitable for the packaging lab. ITES eliminates tedious non-repeatable manual thickness measurements by automating the entire bottle measurement routine. ITES is a proven solution for customers seeking to replace their aging or unsupported thickness testing devices and instruments.

ITES-M is the manual load variant of the ITES series, designed for flexible use in the packaging lab. ITES-M is a direct replacement for outdated or unsupported countertop style 'GAWIS™' units delivered by Topwave®. 



  • Non-contact repeatable measurement.

  • Simple new bottle setup wizard.

  • Vertical-profile, circumferential, or discrete point thickness scanning methods.

  • Option for automatic multi-bottle handling via auto-feeder (ITES-C).

  • Discrete individual data point output, or basic total min/max/avg.


Profile data can be used to illustrate material distribution throughout the package, or to demonstrate section distribution, in some cases replacing destructive and time-consuming “section-weight” tests.


In addition to flexibility, the ITES provides the advantage of automatic bottle handling. Most competitive systems must be manually loaded, and those that feature overly complex robot handling are difficult for users to setup. ITES-C's conveyor-based loading system takes only moments to setup. Only a swap-out magnetic load chip attachment may be needed for non-cylindrical containers.

ITES Bottle Wall-Thickness System

ITES Brochure

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