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AVID Products

Solutions from the LINE to the LAB.

Measurement of bottles and preforms has historically relied upon tedious and non-repeatable manual methods and tools. Today, customers demand more data and greater precision than these tools can provide. Since 1985, global packaging leaders have turned to AVID's engineering team for efficient modern metrology solutions and alternatives.
AVID Corporation offers a variety of offline and online measurement and monitoring products designed specifically to measure bottle and preform attributes. AVID Corporation's product 'families' include:
Dimensional - AVBIS Series
Wall-Thickness - TES Series
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​Bottle and preform dimensional measurement systems form the core of AVID Corporation's business. AVID vision systems' large field of view optics permit most neck finishes to be measured rapidly while remaining precise and accurate over a wide range of materials and environments, without the need for part positioning or fixtures.

The TES system and its variants are among AVID Corporation's growing number of wall-thickness solutions for plastic and glass bottles.

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Capacity - AVMS Series

The fully automated AVMS series enhances testing efficiency and repeatability by removing the the user entirely from volume testing.

Online - OVMS & OTMS

AVID Corporation brings extensive metrology knowledge from the laboratory to the production line with OVMS and OTMS.

Custom Solutions
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