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For over 35 years, AVID Corporation has produced, delivered, and supported quality testing and metrology products to meet the requirements of our packaging customers. AVID Corporation's product categories currently include:
Dimensional Measurement - AVBIS Series
AVBIS-C Automated Bottle Measurement System

​Dimensional measurement systems form the core of AVID's business. The AVBIS series of systems permit precise measurement of bottle and preform neck dimensions (S, T, E, H, I, etc.) as well as other attributes (bottle height, body diameter, preform length, etc.).

Capacity Measurement - AVMS Series

The fully automated AVMS series enhances testing efficiency and repeatability by removing labor entirely from volume testing.

Online Monitoring - OVMS & OTMS

AVID brings extensive metrology testing knowledge from the laboratory to the production line with OVMS and OTMS.

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