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When you  prioritize SUPPORT,
you won't need a sales department.


AVID firmly believes that while a customer’s initial satisfaction may come from the successful implementation of a new high-quality measurement system, any future success with that customer relies on attentive follow-up support and service.

Whereas some vendors view service and support as an afterthought (or worse, a profit center), they are core AVID values. From remote desktop part setup assistance, to in-plant calibration and repair services, AVID is committed to supporting our customers long after the initial sale.


One key to AVID’s successful support is the use of remote desktop software to “access-upon-request”. Roughly 90% of all AVID's support requests are resolved through remote desktop software and conversing via telephone with the user from our technicians' offices. This support resolves customer issues quickly and gets them back online without the downtime or expense of an in-plant service.

In addition to remote desktop assistance, AVID Corporation provides telephone support, part programming troubleshooting, training classes, technical support and software updates and upgrades (hardware permitting) as part of an annual support contract.

AVID systems are provided with a calendar year of support included. Customers are encouraged to enroll in an AVID support program for ongoing support. Customer support is available from AVID between 8am - 5pm (EST) Monday-Friday. Emergency calls outside of this time are forwarded to an on-call technician and are addressed as soon as possible.

Support Call


Service calls are scheduled by contacting AVID directly and submitting a request for service. Depending on urgency, a service technician can generally be onsite within 48 hours (for North America) of the call.

Routine calibration and alignment services are recommended for consistent system operation. AVID recommends that customers’ schedule a calibration service at least once a year to keep the system in optimal condition. During a typical calibration service, the AVID technician will perform a pre-calibration check, align all stages and controllers, clean out internal components, note any recommended or required replacement components, install any available software upgrades or updates, and perform a final official calibration with NIST traceable standards.

Following the service, the system is labeled calibrated, the customer receives a certificate of calibration and a service report detailing the work performed and any follow-up that is required.

Other services include hardware upgrades, computer updates/upgrades, and system refurbishment (recommended for systems over 6 years old). Contact AVID to discuss your service needs.

In order to reduce customer operating costs, AVID Corporation generally does not offer service contracts. If a service contract is required by the customer, AVID can discuss options to fulfill their requirements



AVID Corporation’s unmatched support begins with hands-on training with the user. AVID systems are powerful and flexible measurement platforms that can measure almost any bottle or preform. In order to properly understand that power and flexibility, training is critical.

Included with the purchase of all AVID systems is a training class held at AVID Corporation. Customers are encouraged to send up to 3 qualified members of their quality team to attend a 2-3 day training class held at our facility in picturesque Portsmouth, NH. By training at AVID, AVID can train customer personnel in a distraction and interruption free (and possibly fun?) environment.

All pre-delivery training classes are hands-on with the customer’s own system and product samples. Trainees leave AVID as certified System Programmers, and are recognized by AVID as the competent system user and point-of-contact for future customer support. Additionally, when the system arrives at the customer facility, all programs created during the training AVID Corporation remain installed, allowing the system to be immediately used following installation.

To schedule a training class, contact AVID Corporation.

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