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Automated Bottle Capacity Measurement System

Removes the operator completely from capacity testing.

Manual volume testing is the single most frequent measurement test in the packaging industry; however, it requires substantial labor investment to conduct by hand with scales and pitchers.

AVID offers the AVMS; designed to replace tedious manual volume measurement, its volume measurement technique removes operator error from volume calculations, resulting in an accurate, repeatable and easy-to-use volume measuring system.

The AVMS is a fully automated volumetric measurement system. By automating the measurement, handling, draining and ejection of bottles, the AVMS completely removes the operator from volume testing.

The AVMS can measure OFC or fill-point, or both, depending on the requirements of the manufacturer. Additionally, the AVMS is able to measure filled-volume height, by accurately dispensing a set volume of water, then searching for the meniscus formed by the volume now in the container.

Regardless of test method, the filled bottle is then moved to a draining station; for glass and flat-bottomed plastic bottles, a draining tube is lowered into the bottle which evacuates most of the water. For other products, the bottle is dropped recovery chute which rotates and completely drains the bottle, then ejects it from the system. The water drains into the main reservoir where it is filtered and reused. Typical water consumption is kept to a minimum (generally <1L per week).

Cycle time varies with the total volume of the container. The fill-height and overflow volumes of a 500mL beverage bottle can be measured in less than 45 seconds. Maximum dispense volume is limited to 3L.

A manually loaded AVMS is available for those facilities that do not require automated handling.

Gauge studies (GRR) performed on the system yield repeatability variances of less than 10% on specified tolerances. Accuracy of the system is within 0.5% of the total dispensed volume.

Dimensions Measured:

  • Overflow ('brimfill') capacity (OFC)

  • Fill-height capacity (up to 3 in a single test) (FHC)

  • Empty bottle weight

  • Sectional volume

Available in auto-load and manual-load configurations.
3 filling speeds enhances efficiency while maintaining accuracy of <0.3% TVD.
1 required day for typical admin level training.
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