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Ultrasonic preform thickness / concentricity measurement system.

AVID is pleased to introduce UTES-P, a preform thickness and concentricity analysis system designed to detect preform material distribution issues. UTES-P replaces AVID’s previous preform thickness measurement system, the ‘THIKCHEK.’

Competing Methods

Several thickness measurement technologies exist for preforms, each with drawbacks.


Mechanical gauges and Magnamikes are difficult to use on curved surfaces as precise gauge placement and part orientation are required for precise measurement.


Non-contact laser and vision gauges eliminate some the mechanical drawbacks, but are subject to preform surface variations (scratches and surface defects) as well as part opacity and movement.

In the UTES-P, AVID delivers an ultrasonic-based preform thickness measurement solution free from both these mechanical and optical challenges.




The standalone UTES-P is available as countertop testing module, with or without an embedded computing module. 

The system is also available as an optional integrated module for the AVBIS-4P automated precision preform measurement system.

UTES-P is available as the UTES-P AUTO featuring an autoloading system that can accommodate up to 196 preforms. Contact AVID for more information.

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