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Terahertz Bottle Thickness and Barrier Measurement/Monitoring System

The T-TES automated bottle barrier thickness measurement system is now available from AVID Corporation.

Based on testing, system is able to satisfy a requirement of 360 parts per day, measuring at base, mid-panel (ribs and facets), mid-bumper, and upper shoulder.

Note the 'tracking-feedback' feature when measuring the mid-panel (ribs and facets); due to the narrow focal distance of the ThZ sensor, sensor must maintain an exact distance from the first-surface. Developed by AVID, tracking-feedback permits the sensor to maintain the correct distance from the first-surface of the container as the container rotates.

Unlike competitive THz based systems, the T-TES utilizes the trusted "free-floating" bottle handling system used in other automated AVID Corporation systems. This autohandling system, coupled with a self-learning bottle setup routine, eliminates the need for complex vision-based loading and orientation systems. The self-learning bottle setup routine also eliminates complex robotic automation teaching, resulting in new bottle setups that can be created in minutes with minimal training.

The system is capable of measuring specific points around the bottle (non-rounds and cylinders), or performing a 360° scan (cylindrical bottles only). In the case of 360° scans, the system measures the MINIMUM thickness, MAXIMUM thickness, and AVERAGE thickness of the following:

- outer layer

- inner layer

- EVOH barrier layer (EVOH material layer 'sandwiched' between outer and inner layers)

- total wall

For further information, including system specifications and thickness capabilities, please contact an AVID representative.

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