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Without DATA,

it's just an OPINION.


​Since 1992, AVID has provided turn-key measurement and testing systems to meet the unique laboratory and online quality assurance requirements of the packaging industry (bottles & preforms).

AVID is a private and family-owned company based in the New Hampshire Seacoast region, and supports over 500 product installations throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central & South America, and Europe. AVID operates a satellite support office in Phoenix, AZ.

Today, AVID focuses on providing automated bottle measurement systems / solutions and automated preform measurement systems / solutions for the packaging industry. We are proud of reputation for delivering and supporting easy to use products - not vaporware - to our clients.

What Does AVID Bring To Your Project?


  • AVID products complete an extensive internal qualification and testing process prior to commissioning. As a commitment to precision and client confidence, all systems must complete a <10% repeatability & reproducibility ("GRR") study prior to release to the customer. AVID clients have confidence that their AVID instruments will perform beyond their day-to-day metrology needs.

  • NIST standards are included with most systems for customer verification. System calibration features are built into the software, and are accessible by Admin level users.


  • AVID’s system user-interface makes system operation simple. A part selection library and ‘load-and-go’ operation allows users unfamiliar with complex bottle measurement to gather quality-critical data by simply pressing a button.

  • Systems are built around a user interface that permits easy setup of new parts.

  • AVID systems follow dimensional nomenclature compliant with SPI, GPI, and ISBT.


  • Standard AVID products are designed to handle a wide range of container geometries, materials, and dimensions. While customized systems are available for unique product-specific projects, standard AVID products adapt to evolving customer needs without modification of the original hardware.

  • Admin users are able to setup & modify part programs. Outside vendor support is not generally required for new part setup.

  • Generally few or no changeout parts required.


  • Manual measurement methods are unable to keep up with modern testing requirements. AVID’s fast search routines, autonomous operation, and simple setup accelerates test-to-action time far beyond the capabilities of manual tools and competitor measurement instruments.

  • AVID systems are designed to automate bottle/preform measurement, handling & data output.

  • Part programs are customizable for highly-detailed qualifications or fast critical production checks.



  • 35+ years’ experience providing automated testing solutions - not promises - to the plastic & glass packaging industries. AVID field service engineers bring years of technical experience when working with customers and systems.

  • AVID remains committed to providing solutions with defined capabilities.


  • Customer care and service is an AVID ownership priority, with most issues addressed within hours of contact. Support is readily available in the form of in-plant services, remote technical assistance, setup services, and training classes, all ensuring that client care needs are met long after the original sale.

  • AVID is proud of its reputation for fast and personalized support & service response.

  • Most general system issues resolved in a short troubleshooting remote desktop session.

  • Systems are designed for easy maintenance access.

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