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AVID Corporation is a leading manufacturer of turn-key automated precision measurement products designed specifically to suit the unique metrology and testing requirements of the packaging industry (bottles & preforms).

Since our founding in 1992, AVID has provided measurement, detection and inspection systems for offline and online industrial applications. AVID's 30+ years of experience in industrial video metrology and automated handling has led to the development of systems to meet the exacting needs of the world's leading packagers.

AVID is private and family-owned & operated company based in the New Hampshire Seacoast region, and supports over 400 product installations throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central & South America, and Europe. AVID operates a satellite support office in Phoenix, AZ.

Today, AVID Corporation focuses solely on providing automated measurement systems and solutions for the packaging industry. We are proud of reputation for delivering and supporting easy to use products -- not vaporware -- to our valued clients.



  • GR&R studies are performed on every AVID product, and must satisfy a 10% requirement on critical dimensions.

  • AVID systems are dimensional measurement systems, not template matching, go-no-go, or inspection applications.

  • NIST standards are included with most systems for customer verification. System calibration features are built into the software, and are accessible by Admin level users.


  • All systems built around a user interface that permits easy setup of new parts.

  • Interface includes a part library that allows users to quickly select and run existing part programs.

  • AVID systems follow dimensional nomenclature compliant with SPI, GPI, and ISBT.

  • "Load & Go" user interaction.


  • Standard AVID products are designed to accommodate a diversified plant product portfolio, and are generally not limited to a specific bottle product application.

  • With training, customer users are able to setup & modify part programs. Outside vendor support is not generally required for part setup.

  • Generally few or no changeout parts required.


  • AVID systems are designed to automate bottle/preform measurement, handling & data output.

  • Part programs are customizable for highly-detailed qualifications or fast critical production checks on the same system.



  • 30+ years of experience delivering and supporting products -- not promises -- to the packaging industry.

  • AVID remains focused on providing solutions with defined system capabilities to the packaging industry.


  • AVID is proud of its reputation for fast and personalized support & service response.

  • Most general system issues resolved in a short troubleshooting remote desktop session.

  • Systems are designed for easy maintenance access.

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