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About AVID

AVID Corporation manufactures a variety of automated precision measurement solutions and systems to fit the unique metrology needs of the packaging industry (bottles & preforms). AVID provides a range of turn-key automated laboratory & workstation measurement products and online monitoring systems to fit the specialized needs of quality assurance and process control.

Since our founding in 1992, AVID Corporation has provided measurement, detection and inspection systems for offline and online industrial applications. AVID's 30+ year experience in industrial video metrology and automated handling has led to the development of systems to meet the exacting needs of the world's leading packagers.

Today, AVID Corporation focuses solely on providing automated measurement systems and solutions for the packaging industry.

Latest News 

AVID is Hiring!

AVID continues to grow, and is seeking qualified individuals for specific roles.

March 31, 2021

Please view AVID Corporation's updated travel statement in regards to increased COVID-19 rates in the United States.

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